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Lovely Lourdas – Kefalonia Greece

Another frivolous day climbing hilltops and thrashing about in the water. Why do we have to travel hundreds of miles to feel active and spiritually connected again? For travelers and holiday-ers we can recommend Lourdas, Kefalonia for any wanting to disconnect from bustle. Here in September you can get a beach to yourself, but you…

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Kefalonia – here we are!

Day two of our holiday and low and behold there is a unsecured internet connection near our villa. Recovering from day one sunburn and a very sticky night. I might lose some weight and Debbie is learning to swim.   Update: Apologies we lost all photos that were uploaded on another server

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Granada, Spain Jan 2009

I’ve been slack . I had meant to post as soon as we got back from our short trip to Southern Spain. I think the problem is I bought a nicer camera and now usual snaps taken with the old cheap “point and click” no longer seem good enough. Anyhow, back in January we had…

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Merida Mexico Jan 2004

There’s nothing more I enjoy on a Sunday than a good rummage and today I stumbled upon my DV cassettes of Yukatan. Here is a video, filmed on another Sunday, in the capital city of Merida. For anyone planing a trip to Cancun I highly recommend a few nights in Merida. Apart from its beautiful…

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Horn OK Please

What could be more Indian than the sight of “Horn OK Please” signs hand painted on the backs of (usually heavy) vehicles. For me, this double politener of Ok and Please is as endearing as the Indian misplacement of “isn’t it” (innit). Should you ever, as a visitor, find yourself driving in India (and good…

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