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Horn OK Please

What could be more Indian than the sight of “Horn OK Please” signs hand painted on the backs of (usually heavy) vehicles. For me, this double politener of Ok and Please is as endearing as the Indian misplacement of “isn’t it” (innit). Should you ever, as a visitor, find yourself driving in India (and good luck if you do) the sign means sound your horn before overtaking.


Horn OK Please is also the title of a fantastic multi-awarding short film from flickerpix animations which follows the day of an Indian taxi driver. I have added a few subtitles for extra detail. Surely, a “must watch” for anyone travelling to India.

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  1. Debbie on 29 June 2008 at 11:12 pm

    This is one I know.

    The cars are the Premier Padmini:

    and also the Hindustan Ambassador:

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