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Mumbai, India 13th – 15th May 2008

This photograph was taken in the afternoon on 22 June 2012 with a Nikon D60. You may use this image for your own projects (including commercial ones) under a Creative Commons Licence.

Arriving at 2 am we transfered to our pre-booked hotel “The Sun and Sheel” located near to both the airport and Debbie’s (wife to be) parents. All looked fine on the internet for budget accommodation (Rs 3000 inc taxes) but was a dirty flea pit with iron shutters protecting the hotel by night. Do not go there! We quickly swapped this for the Ashwin Hotel a few blocks up in Marol (Rs 3,600 inc. taxes). It was much brighter, cleaner and cooler.

Hotel Ashwin
Marol Naka M.M. Road
Ahdheri (E) Mumbai – 400059.
Phone 2920 0945/5285 or 2920 7267/7269.

The only down side was that our room could not pick up their wifi.

Our first days have all been about getting the wedding organised – just minor details like the reception venue our rings and clothes!. However the highlights of our free time in Mumbai (apart from “the wife” looking half crazed wearing a handkerchief on her head – something to do with the sun she says) were:

  • Juhu Beach (see early post for the kind of beach food you can get there)
  • Debbie’s Mum’s crab curry
  • Crazy Mumbia travel by auto rickshaw and the Indian Taxis (they are more like bumper cars than dodgems)
  • Nariman Point (The commercial heart of Mumbai)
  • Escaping to Goa (see next post)

Mumbia gallery

Update: We are so upset we lost all our photos.

Debbie is from Mumbai but still spend much her time saying “HOW MUCH!”. The prices have shot up here and compared to most Asian cities Mumbai is expensive. She has still not recovered from spending Rs 359 on 2 black coffees at:

Mocha Coffee & Conversation
82 Nagin Mahal
Veer Nariman Rd

It is worth it for the novelty of watching India’s youngest, brightest and perhaps wealthiest smoking infused tobacco from the big cylinders with attached pipes.

India, and particularly congested Mumbai, in May is a bit more challenging as this it the hottest time of the year and the locals that are still working are grumpier than usual – Much to our amusement.

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