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Nuns, Yachts & Some Posing – a Kefalonia Island Tour

Toured the island today. Really very stunning! Thanks to Saint Gerasimos we hope to be cured of all our illnesses. We only visited his monastery but his body (which allegedly has never decomposed) is brought out once a year and passed over willing locals looking for a cure. It’s depicted in the film version of Capt Corelli’s Mandolin – we also passed Sami where this was filmed too. Tempted to read the book now.


We also took in Drogarat Cave, boat tour of a cavern (Melissani lake) before shooting off to the yachting hang-out of the pampered and media hungry – Fiskardo. I was a bit worried with camera in hand that we might have to move some of them out of the way, but no one bothered us. Finally we passed the most photographed area of Kefalona – Myrtos Beach and did the obvious before getting back to our balcony for another sunset. Contentedly wiped-out!

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