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Our Trip to Đà Nẵng, Vietnam – July 2019

Our Trip to Đà Nẵng Vietnam


This is our third time in Vietnam. Our earlier two trips were short stays. This time we decided to make Đà Nẵng as our main base as was recommended by a good friend of ours. They love Đà Nẵng.

VISA Invitation letter and Visa Stamping at the Airport

This time we decided to take the 3 months single entry visa. We again used Vietnam Visa Pro. We found they were the cheapest ($15 for the 3 months single entry visa invitation letter) and reliable. We got our Invitation Letter the very next day. Note: In Thailand a month’s visa is for 30 days. In Vietnam a month’s visa is per calendar month, example if your visa starts on 1st July it will end on 1st August.

Vietnam Visa Approval Letter
Vietnam Visa Approval Letter1
Vietnamese-Visa-Application-Form NA1-P1
Vietnamese-Visa-Application-Form NA1-P2
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Along with our Invitation letter the agent also sent us the Entry and Exit form, which was really handy. We filled the form up before leaving Chiang Mai. Note: The Form says 2 photographs. What it means is 1 photograph of each person (applicant) listed in the form. As we had our form filled up and the visa money ready $50 cash ready ($25 each). The procedure was really easy. We just handed our Passports, the Form, Invitation Letter and one photograph each to the officer. He checked the information, then took the money and stamped our passports. All done. Took us less than 5 minutes.

Our Accommodation at My An Beach area, Đà Nẵng

We planned to stay in Đà Nẵng for most of our 3 months. For that we would need to look for monthly rentals. We did not want to rush things so we booked our first 5 nights through AirBnB. This would give us enough leisure time to find our ideal monthly apartment. While booking through AirBnB we opted for Entire Apartment with Kitchen and WiFi. We booked “Hello Moon apartment balcony My Khe Beach”.

Hello Moon apartment balcony My Khe Beach-1
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On Google Map you will find them under the name “Căn Hộ Cho Thuê” hosted by Hạnh. Hạnh and his wife are both lovely people. They stay on the premises on the ground floor with their two kids. Note: Unless it’s a proper hotel or through an agent, almost all properties are homestays but listed as entire apartment. A private ensuite room with an induction, fridge and washing machine. The family will be staying on the ground floor. Their big lounge area is where the stairs are to your room. Our place was not too far from My An Beach.

Our journey from Đà Nẵng International Airport (Cảng hàng không Quốc tế Đà Nẵng) to Lot 24 An Thuong 39, Đà Nẵng , My An Beach area

I love public transport. The first obviously reason it’s much much cheaper than any private transport. Then as a traveler you get the firsthand experience of travelling like a local, meeting and trying to talk to them and experiencing their kindness. It also keeps you alert of keeping track of every stop you’ve passed and every turn the bus takes. I am constantly looking at the streets and landmark and scanning the area around, counting the number of bus stops passed or anything that catches my eye for checking our later.

Đà Nẵng Public Transport

While none of my search results gave me information on public transport to reach our location around My An beach I came across Đà Nẵng They’ve listed all the local busses here. The Bus No. 1 (Route 01: Đà Nẵng Central Bus Station – Hoi An Bus Station) goes via Ngũ Hành Sơn road. Although we could have got off on the 25th or 26th bus stop this was not an option for us. Two reasons, this bus does not pass by the airport and it would have been a long walk from our drop off point to our accommodation at An Thượng 39.

As our arrival into Đà Nẵng was on 1st July 2019. We were really lucky to find that Bus No. 12 (Route) was officially diverted via Đà Nẵng Airport from 1st June 2019. The bus passes by the airport. To find this bus stop if you are coming via Đà Nẵng International Airport take your right towards the Domestic Airport end. You will see the bus stop just near the bridge.

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This single bus stop caters to both the out-going and incoming route so check with the Ticket Collector the stop you need to get off before you board the bus. Going towards My Khe beach this bus takes you through the Cầu Trần Thị Lý Bridge heading straight to the beach road. Our ticket was 5,000₫ each. We got off at the 30th stop, i.e. 120 nguyễn văn thoại which is 5 stops from the Airport. Note: Keep small change and have the offline map ready. Right now it feels like we’ve landed in a construction site. Almost all of Đà Nẵng is under construction. Most of the roads are dug up and blocked, like our road was. The offline map will help getting you back on track if you are lost.

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